IoT & Safety
Case Study

IoT & Safety

Use of IoT Technologies for Safety


With the advent of IoT, there is an increasing need to provide highly innovative and high value-added services related to tracking, service personalization, integration with home devices, advanced human-machine interaction through vocal interfaces, monitoring and last-generation energy control.


The benefits of IoT in terms of improvement of personal safety cannot yet be quantified. There is the need for an application that shows unequivocally how IoT solutions can support safety and track movements and flows within specific controlled areas, reducing the risk of injuries, increasing comfort and improving the users’ experience.


The IoT for Human Safety research project will develop new technological solutions, data fusion and machine learning algorithms, in order to provide indoor positioning and navigation services through the integration of Bluetooth technology in lighting fixtures. The project focuses on the creation of a multi-protocol gateway to interconnect tools that are currently independent from one another.

Expected Results

The project aims at obtaining a technological infrastructure based on diffuse IoT solutions, integrating cloud platforms for the supply of value-added services. The project will employ IoT technologies and smart object connectivity to create a smart environment, aimed at guaranteeing human safety.

IoT & Safety IoT & Safety

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