Case Study


Industrial automation platform, integrating edge computing with DLT and cybersecurity techniques


The future of manufacturing includes flexible and hyper-efficient plants, through which manufacturers will be able to support the transition from conventional to custom models. Flexibility in automation is a prerequisite: a highly flexible manufacturing system is required, i.e. a system capable of dynamic reconfiguration, based on the actual needs of the environment, the product, the production or the customer.


Flexibility is difficult to attain when system management is centralized. With the fourth industrial revolution, decentralization has been reviewed in the light of the integration of cyber-physical systems (CPS) with cloud computing infrastructures. Several cloud-based applications, therefore, are implemented and used in factories.


The MERCURY Smart Secure Decentralized Industry research project aims at designing and implementing an industrial automation platform, integrating edge computing with DLT and cybersecurity techniques.

Expected Results

The project includes the consistent integration of cyber-physical systems in the fulfilment of value-generation processes, the implementation of technologies and models that can promote the evolution to edge computing of the logics and paradigms typically available at the level of cloud computing, the integration of AI elements to understand data on tolerance to/prevention of breakdowns, the monitoring of cyber-physical implementations and the optimization of industrial processes.

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