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Technology Transfer


The Technology Transfer project will provide advanced technologies for flexible production to a number of the partnership’s SMEs, which will become points of reference for the regional Industry 4.0.

Project focusing on the study and implementation of technologies for the traceability and progress of rubber outsoles during the manufacturing process.
Several technologies are being evaluated, such as RFID, which is compatible with high temperatures, and technologies that require less protection from external agents. At the same time, a software for the automated management of information is being developed, in order to automate various stages of the manufacturing process, thus guaranteeing full product traceability.

Lead partner: EUROSUOLE

The project focuses on the use of collaborative robotics to support operators during heavy and repetitive activities, improving safety and increasing efficiency and product quality. In particular, the assembly of engine units has been identified as the most critical process, with screwing activities characterized by repetitive movements and strain on arms and hands. Such a process can be improved with the use of screwing robots.

Lead partner: BS Service

Activities aimed at introducing solutions to improve the management of automated manufacturing in the food industry. They include the implementation of a completely new ERP, stemming from the integration between a general-purpose system, for the management of the administrative stages of the work, and a vertical system, specifically devised for the receipt, processing and handling of meat. The project includes a review and complete mapping of the processes, as well as the involvement of several professionals from the company and the collection of large amounts of data, that can later be analysed through big data techniques.

Lead partner: Baldi

Project aimed at testing Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) for warehouse management and the related algorithms used for the elaboration of data generated by the systems through data mining technologies. The application is a virtual warehouse where every incoming and outgoing item, including forklifts and operators, is space- and time-tracked. The resulting data is so massive that, in order to generate added value, it needs to be sorted, analysed and communicated, following IoT and big data logic.

Lead partner: Bora

The technology transfer project has the objective of an adequate combination of WEB, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies capable of guiding and controlling the end user in the various procedures to be performed, even on highly complex products, such as musical instruments. Once digitized, the contents of the product manuals can be viewed from the web by all users who have the viewer, with details of each individual component, product code and correct method of assembly and disassembly of the musical instrument.

Lead partner: Proel Lab

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Results: Success Stories

One of the objectives of the Technology Transfer project was to ensure that advanced technologies for flexible manufacturing were incorporated into some of the SMEs in the partnership, thus making them reference champions for Industry 4.0. Innovative solutions have been introduced precisely to manage efficiently, typical problems of manufacturing processes. The companies that have been protagonists of the technology transfer project have become, therefore, a concrete example of innovation, to be taken as a model in many other realities.