i-Labs Industry Regional Platform

Collaborative platform on personalized production, focusing in particular on collaborative robotics and cybersecurity.

i-Labs Industry Laboratory

Physical center of the Regional Collaborative Platform on the theme of Industry 4.0, the Laboratory is the meeting point of researchers, companies and technologies that live here to develop, apply and share solutions useful for the improvement of production systems, in order to ensure a rapid evolution towards the paradigms of Industry 4.0. Through the technologies present in the i-Labs Industry Laboratory and thanks to the skills of researchers and highly qualified personnel, various services are offered.

i-Labs Industry Laboratory

i-Labs Industry Laboratory is located in via Guerri 7, 60035 Jesi (AN).

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Collaborative Robotics

Anthropomorphic and collaborative robots, characterized by different structures, working spaces and managed loads. Four automated bays and a flexible production line will be set up to scale, and companies will be able to use them to devise, experiment, test and validate their technologies in a safe and controlled environment.

CPS, Data mining and analytics

A set of various enabling technologies, generating an autonomous, intercommunicating and smart system, which can foster the integration of different, physically remote subjects. The system allows data generation and acquisition, computation and aggregation of previously acquired data and support to the decision-making process.

Edge Computing

Architectures to transfer part of the overall computational power of the system from the cloud to its peripheral nodes, i.e. to the field or near the field.




€ 8.900.000




2018 - 2021



Training and Orientation

Training on the technologies available in the laboratory, for both students and workers; consulting and orientation activities on the use of technologies.

Research and Development

Pure or applied research activity, feasibility studies, technical and scientific support.


Pre-testing and testing of the prototypes developed by companies, with training activities carried out in parallel with prototype development.