Case Study



Humans use the auditory system to perceive the space in the environment surrounding them and to locate themselves within such environment. This skill allows humans to move, to communicate, to avoid obstacles and to be always aware of any danger interfering with the activities they are performing.


In many living environments, the presence of noise or strong acoustic interferences hinders humans in understanding the acoustic scene of the environment they are in; the automatic monitoring of such environments is key in the devising of services revolving around the subjects inhabiting them.


The Advanced solutions for human-system interaction and monitoring research project aims at developing augmented listening solutions, that allow the most natural listening possible and foster the implementation of more realistic and effective human-machine interaction systems, through Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

Expected Results

The project aims at developing innovative audio entertainment devices, with the integration of multimedia augmented reality sensors; at developing advanced technological solutions for the safety of workplaces/means of transport/entertainment venues; and at supplying custom information services, tailored to the environment inhabited by the subject.


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