Smart Environments Regional Platform

Collaborative platform on living environments, with special focus on computational intelligence, the Internet of Things and multimedia.
MIRACLE Project - Marche Innovation and Research fAcilities for Connected and sustainable Living Environments.

i-Labs Smart Environment Laboratory

Physical center of the Regional Collaborative Platform on the theme of Smart Environments, the Laboratory is the meeting point of researchers, companies and technologies that live here to develop, apply and share solutions

i-Labs Smart Environments Laboratory

i-Labs Smart Environments Laboratory is located in via Guerri 7, 60035 Jesi (AN).




€ 8.300.000




2019 - 2022



Energy Efficiency

Development of new methods and tools for capturing energy consumption and production data from different elements within a building that will lead to the development of hi-tech solutions specific so as to improve the efficiency of facilities from an energy-saving perspective.

Assistive Robotics and HMI

Development of significant technologies in the area of human-environment interactions, such as Assistive Robots, capable of moving autonomously in living, home and public environments, sensing and processing sensory information and thus performing tasks for the benefit of people, and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

Enabling technologies for IoT

Requirements analysis, identification of network architectures and protocols, simulation, performance analysis support for feasibility analysis and design phases, both of individual devices and smart objects and of the interconnecting network.

Computational intelligence

Supporting the development and prototyping of smart features for innovative products and services Services related to the prototyping and small-scale testing of machine learning and computational intelligence solutions, to facilitate the identification of optimal configurations, the maximum deployment of which must then be implemented on different architectures and systems.

Technologies for environment simulation

Construction of a simulator capable of controlling microclimatic parameters such as temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, lighting and outdoor noise, and also performing rainfall tests. These will be systems capable of generating conditions of sudden changes in parameters that may occur in the course of real life.


Training and Orientation

Training on the technologies available in the laboratory, for both students and workers; consulting and orientation activities on the use of technologies.

Research and Development

Pure or applied research activity, feasibility studies, technical and scientific support.


Pre-testing and testing of the prototypes developed by companies, with training activities carried out in parallel with prototype development.